Friday, February 12, 2016


But not that much.

I was dressed warmly yesterday, but I hadn't slept well the night before—so on my way home from seeing my grans,  I got chilled. I came home, put a home made frozen dinner in a low oven, and tucked into bed, under the covers to warm up, and when I finally did, I promptly fell a sleep!

The result was dinner was late (9PM!) and after wards, while I was no longer feeling cold,I was still too tired to knit.

I had gotten a few rounds done on the socks while on the bus;  but they are stuck in that occasional knitting hell—where no matter how many rounds you knit, the length seems to stay the same. I know it just a temporary thing—but it is no fun right now. 

Ms D's hat? Well a color change marks the progress. There are now 8 rounds of birds eye and a few more rounds beyond that—all of which will be hidden as the cuff gets folded back—but this pattern, ( birds eye)  with its many switches back and forth, makes a very interlocked fabric perfect for what in effect is the brim—That is, the portion that hold the hat on the head. One more plain round, and then it's time to go to work on the stars.

I have something pictured in my mind—and I suppose I could work something out on paper—but likely I will pull out Alice Starmore's book on Fair Island knitting—and if that doesn't work I have plenty of other pattern books—It won't take long to find something I like.

I wish I had started it sooner—NY is having a cold snap with the coldest weather we've had in years... in the teen (f) which is soundly sub zero (c)--which is bad enough—but steady wind and gusts up to 35mph make it feel even colder.  

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