Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Slow Progress

On the socks—I want them but somehow, I just don't want to knit them. So I carry them with me, to and fro, to doctors visits, and other activities, and instead, I read the paper, of do the crossword puzzle, or week old magazines.. and not much gets knit. And I am on the 4th stitch pattern. I think I finally found one I really like.

Meanwhile—I think about other things to knit..
--A scarf—a fun little design of my own (Evolution) –But I hate knitting scarves—but I want this
scarf—I love the idea of it, even if I dread the work of knitting it

--A hat—I owe a friend a hat—double knit please—She too has been ill, and wants a warm hat .
I have been lucky this winter—the north east has been having a mild winter—but it does still
cold at night-- and night comes so early in the winter.

--Another scarf—for me. Something super soft and not to big, or maybe a cowl. I hate things around my neck—and most of the winter I have the top button (snap, to be honest) of my jacket undone—but some days are so windy—I need something as a filler. I have the yarn (50/50 merino and silk—now I just need the will.

--A light weight vest—I just checked, and it was 2012 (4 years ago!) that I knit my lacy little vest of sock yarn—and planned to make another because I was so happy with it. I have the yarn—I just need to do it.. I am not small, (but I getting a bit smaller) but it only took a month (while knitting other things at the same time) to knit myself a vest/shell on size 3 needles.. It seems daunting to knit a garment with fine wool and little needles, but it really wasn't.

I also need to finish up the third baby blanket (One square, one round, and the triangle shaped one still to come)--And I have been neglecting my granddaughters... They need hand knit hats- fun flower ones, and pretty ones, and mittens to match—again the mild winter has saved me, but they both admired my hat (this one) and deserve pretty hats of their own. (click on any of the images to enlarge)

This is an incomplete list, and it's 3 months worth of knitting!

Sitting on a back self of my mind are a few sweaters –One in alpaca, (pink)--in a sport weight hand dyed yarn, and one in a worsted weight.. One day.

I bought this yarn with the first thought of making a pair of socks, but now I am thinking of it as a soft lacy scarf—I have given a way a few lace scarves that I knit just for fun.. maybe another lace scarf for me to keep and wear. (yet another scarf in my mental queue!) Maybe my waterfalls pattern..

But unless I get knitting—none of these projects will every become anything.. so its slow progress!

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