Friday, February 05, 2016

Snow Day

Just over 2 years ago, my DD gave birth to twin girls--(No twins do not run in the family, one (of a huge number!) of 3rd cousins had twins—so there are a pair of 4th cousin who are twins--hardly common occurrence!) 

For the first few months, after they were born, she had a Douala, which she really needed as complications required a C-section (and fortunately all went reasonable well). Since then, I have gone to her home once a week—(some times more than once a week) to help. Mostly my help consist of keeping the girls entertained while she gets on with life—Laundry, cooking and cleaning. But I also go along to planned activities—playschool at the park, read and play at the library and cross cultural programs. The other grandmothers do the same— there are plenty of opportunities, what with swimming in the summer, programs at the zoo, Gymbary, or Rhythm and Rhyme music program.

We had plans for today, which were canceled, (today, the activity for the day will be a walk in the snow with out me) and I have an unexpected snow day. Fortunately, I have plans to see them tomorrow!

So what am I doing with my day off? Well already I have frogged and reworked the cast on for the double knit hat-Just a single row worked. I'll join into a round as I work the next row. The hat is still undefined—I will just make up a pattern as I go...Likely some sort of star/flower motif--

I got a few R's of the sock worked last night—but not enough to make a noticeable change.

And yesterday, I started writing up the direction for my Evolution scarf—and that will be the last you hear of it till its done.

I will do some cooking—because isn't that what you do on snow days? Maybe a pot of onion soup—but most definitely I will make some stuffed shells—I make 2 kinds: Italian style stuffed with Cheeses—a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses—that I serve with marinara sauce, and shrimp mousse ones—a blend of shrimp and white fish, that I server with a lemon/butter/white wine saute. I will save some of the pasta shells to make some shrimp mousse ones next week.

I only plan to do the cheese ones today, 6 or so.--I'll count out how many shells are in the box, and do half. Meanwhile, I have been eating my way through the soups I cooked at the beginning of January, so a pot of some sort of soup will be made. These will be a nice restock of ready to eat foods. These ready to eat food are a big help for my effort to loose weight—When I have had a busy, tiring day, an quick salad while I heat up a ready made meal means I eat a nutritious meal—with out having to make any effort to cook.

In between cooking and cleaning up, I'll work on both the sock and the hat—and make the day an all over productive one.

And even though the plans were cancelled, it has warmed up that the scant 3 inches of snow is largely melted away, which will make tomorrow activities all that easier.

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