Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So I Didn't Get It Blocked

I had a near disaster as I started to bind off (a drawstring bind off) the needle slipped off, and the inside stitches started to run... 3 of them! Then as I worked to knit them back up, and get them bound off, by turning the hat inside (or more correctly white background side) out, the black stitches ran too!

Aaauuugghhhh! It messed up the very top of the crown, but... It was late (after 7PM) and I just wanted to get it finished.... and so I did. Not a major mess up, but not Blue Ribbon quality either.

After that, I ate my dinner, and after dinner, I started to work again on the red socks. I still haven't knit my way up to six inches!

So that's it... not much to report.

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