Saturday, March 05, 2016

95% Done

The last bit of olive and nile green remain..and by weight, only 5g of yarn remain. Already the scarf is more than 60 inches long. Finished, unblocked it will be close to 65 inches long, blocked another 10 or so inches will be added. That will be a nice long scarf.

I already love the colors, and when the pattern is opened up and made visible it will be lovely.

Mean while, I have been detailing the heels on the red socks—the gussets have been started, but not finished—and it's been slow going—Partly because of stopping to chronicle the process, and partly because I have separated them—One sock remains on the circ's, and the other has been moved (temporally) to a set of DPN's--

I have to be careful working on DPN's—I tend to knit tighter, (and I don't want to change my gauge.)
A second issue is my granddaughter, Miss J, found the DPN's to be very interesting-- and pulled them out! She thought it was very funny as I scrambled to remount the stitches.

My queue of things to knit is growing by leaps and bounds.. I want to make some swatches, and some hats, and another baby blanket, and some poncho's (well at least one—The girls received one (recycled) poncho but a second one is needed.  Plus, now that I am feeling better, I need to do a good spring cleaning and purge—I have been doing bits and pieces.. but now I have to get moving...

I really want things nicer looking....and I need to make the effort to get them that way. Today's goal--cleaning out the utility/pantry closet.

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