Sunday, March 06, 2016

Knit and Blocked

Not bad, not bad—two weeks and a day, and my Waterfall lace scarf is finished. . It will be dry and ready to wear, in a few hours.  It didn't even seem like a long time!  

I actually finished it last night—I was able to end at the end of pattern repeat, work a few rows as edging, and then bind off—with half a yard to spare!  Just the perfect amount--it doesn't feel wasteful, but it also wasn't so little that it was worrisome.

I've soft blocked it—I could have stretch it longer (and less wide, but I tend to like wider and shorter.) the finished dimensions now, while blocking are 14 inches by 62—a generous size and it is looking so very pretty! (or about 1.55 m by 0.35m, for those of you who think in metric.) 

Amazingly enough, after bind off last night, I didn't start anything new. I will think about what I will tackle next—a new baby blanket, for a new baby on the way is next I think...A triangle shaped one, in stripes. Then there will be a set—a square, a round and triangle.

And even though it will be a start with 3 stitches,and increase 1 ever row, changing colors every second row, till it is so big it is horrid--(and this will go on till I run out of yarn) it will be knit on a big needle (size 10's as I recall) so the first dozen rows will be a lot of progress, and it will 3 dozen rows before it becomes tedious.

This new granddaughter will be a summer baby, so some pretty little cotton hats will be in order.

Notice how my queue of things to knit just grows by leaps and bounds? There are the things I want, for me—sweaters and shells, and always socks; and things for the twins, ponchos and stuff, and things for the new baby, and socks for their dad, and project I want to knit, just because I want to knit them, designs that are swirling round my head, demanding to be brought to life...

But the scarf is done! One project at time, I will get there.

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