Friday, March 25, 2016

Well, I Have Been Knitting

If not writing about it!

First off, I finally finished the red socks—and as I worked them, I documented the heel.
There are so many ways to shape a heel—I want to document a few different types for the sock tutorial—The red socks had a basic Flap/Turn/Gusset heel.

I did the heels 2 ways, one my standard 2 on 2 method using circs, but it was really 1 on 2—the second sock was worked on a set of dpn's. While the method to work a F/T/G heel really doesn't change when the needles change, It does look different!

The socks were finished with a flat (aka French) toe, with a subtle difference... Most often the decreases are left leaning decreases on the right side of the sock, and right leaning decreases on left side.
|||/........\|||--these make the toe a sort of trapezoid shape.
Most often, the decreases are 1 to 3 stitches away from the edge--(that is the imaginary side seam)

But there are options such as a reversed set of decreases—

With a left leaning decrease on the left, and right leaning decrease on the right...This reversed set of decreases creates a feathered line, not the strong line in the more common method of working the toe.
The final shape of the toe is the same, so the change is purely decorative.

My newest pair of socks, are toe up... and these have a flat toe too, but a banded one. My past few socks have been solids, (well the almost Hugo socks were random stripes) but now its time for a self striping yarn—I have completed 1 repeat of the color way--(about 3.5 inches.) and I have been working on some other projects—a hat, a sweater, and more work on the baby blanket—plus a lot of spring cleaning...Cooking too! My freezer is packed with ready to eat goodies.. stews, and roasts, and curries.

So that's it...

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