Thursday, April 21, 2016

And Now There is Blue

A full colorway is complete-- And a little bit more. I will likely start the heel, as the second repeat of color way nears completion, (just guessing by the length of the leg as I completed the first color way--which was 3.5 inches)

When, I started, the color way (from pink to peach) was about a half round (30 or so stitches) off from being a perfect match (even though I started each sock close to identical.) And to be honest, being a half round off didn't bother me. But as I worked my way through the colors, things changed. At this point there is a 2.5 round difference.  You can clearly see that--

I wasn't sure when I started what heel I was going to work... but the difference in the stripes has decided for me. I will work a F/T/G flap, in a contrasting color a purple or perhaps a darker blue--or White? Some other color? 

I am not sure—first I will check my huge (2 gallon zip lock bag) of left overs, and see if there is anything handy that works— If not, I will check my stash of sock yarns (I know I have some spring (light) green, and some yellow, and peach—and see which one works best.

The heel flap and turn will be worked in contrasting yarn, and the main yarn (well one of the cakes) will be cut, and I will start out again, with matching stripes. The gussets stripes will be narrower anyway, and this will help reset the color way.

I don't mind stripes a little off, and I do like matching socks...this correction will bring them closer to matching again.


That was yesterday—Pink is completed, and peach is now being worked.

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