Tuesday, April 05, 2016

And Now They are Socks.

It didn't take long to finish the toe. Sure there were 4 extra stitches (64) to start. But with 4 decreases every other round, each round was shorter and faster to knit.

The back of the sock has seamless look, with the heel worked in the same color stripes as the leg. The sole has a broken pattern, but no one will notice not even in my backless shoes. It's a small detail, but one I care about.

If you are familiar with Cat Borhdi's New Pathway for socks, its easy to see the resemblence. I use a totally different process, but end up with a very similar result. Each method has advantages, I prefer mine.

For that matter, every knitter has details that matter to them... knitting boards are filled with endless threads on how to make “jogless” stranded work... Or perfect ribbing, or some other detail. I could care less about the jog, (its a nice detail when its well hidden, but it is not something I generally obsess about. )

I do nice ribbing—I learned how to even the tension—not because I minded the wonkiness--(which washes out in a good blocking) but just because I wanted to have all over better, more even tension.

But when it comes to toe up socks, I want the back of sock to look “right”--When I am working with a self striping sock yarn, I like to keep the pattern intact. Or more correctly, I have learned to like this. In the past, I worked heels in place and let the pattern break. But not so much any more.

I will take a break from socks for a day or two--I have several WIP's I want to work on....

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