Monday, April 04, 2016

Not Sock Yet--

But they will be soon! Instead of a ribbed cuff, I went with garter stitch, --the body of the socks is ribbing—I didn't think a ribbed cuff would make much of difference—I tried out a few patterns for the ribbing, and I didn't like any. I added a picot in line with the purls in the body of the sock, and I think its a nice touch.

So the waste yarn has been removed, and replace with needles. I will knit the heels down, so I am working from the outside of yarn cake, and will start with orange. This will create a double orange stripe on the sole of the sock, but will make the back of the sock look perfect.

Even before I knit the first stitch of the heel, you can see how the little gusset add ease—I will add more ease by adding a few extra stitches before I start the heel—so 30 stitches (half the total number in the sock with become 32 (64 total) stitches, and this will add more ease.. another half inch almost.

So, when next seen, they will be socks!

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