Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Progress? Yes, Progress

First the Hill and Dale lace socks.. almost ready to start the heel—White will be the color of choice. I have lots of left over mini skeins (each about 8 to 10g) but I use the solid color ones up all the time.. as a contrasting cast on, or edging, or little bits of stranded work on the top edge. or.. 

Well in lots of different ways. I had some orange—but it was too orange (and not peach) and I had some green—but again, too green so white it is.

With out being stretched on foam shapers, it becomes clear that the lace pattern is also a rib--so the socks will be nice and snug.

Next—a finished UFO  It was all knit, it just need some seaming to finish, and as I finished it, I remembered why it became a UFO--to heavy, to big, to stretchy.  It was a nice idea--that never worked out.

This is Patons Katrina--a rayon and polyester blend (from about 10 years ago!) this sweater is a ton!  I wanted an over sized cardigan, and this is one but the sheer weight of it drags it out of shape.  I am am hoping a machine washing will help--but I think this sweater will be recycled.  

This scarf—Shag from Lynne Barr'sKnitting New Scarves-- is just ball of Patons Soy wool Stripe yarn... I have an other skein of this yarn. 2 in fact, one a matching solid, and another in the same colorway which is enough to finish it if I want. Since I really think it needs to be at least 2—and maybe 3 times the length it is now to be right –but do I want to finish it? It is a fun design—but I am not sure I like it enough to finish.

Not knitting, but wool related is this Good Wool Witch--a needle felted object.—She needs hand knit leggings (and felted shoes) and clothing and a hat. I really like her—and she will be finished.. soon, I think.

There are some other UFO-- I haven't decided yet to finish or frog—and my queue of things I want to knit keeps growing and growing and growing. I have been good this past year (since Smiley's closed) and have only bought a single skein of yarn--(which has been knit up, and blocked!)--goodness knows I can work my stash for a few years with out running out of projects.

In an embarrassing state of richness, I have about 3 lbs of silk yarn alone to work! Which is right now, in front of me—and looking at it makes me want to work on some!

Some not really in a color I like (red and blue color way) but silk is easy to over dye, and violet and blue violet are an option—one I especially like. I have 3 bolus—One hank 350+ yards, and two cakes that need to be come hanks if I want to over dye, that are each about 325 yards each—or about 1000 yards total! Enough for a summer shell (with very short sleeves).

That not all, there is another 500 yard cake in a multi colored natural/blue/violet—and 900 or so yards in natural... together—a full cardigan worth of silk.

There is more silk than this.. white, natural, blue black...even some peach—lots of silks. Too MUCH! And to be truthful—knitting it all up just moves it from one pile (silk stash) to another (summer tops)--which I also have too many of! Is it hording when it is silk?

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