Monday, April 18, 2016


Again? Yes, again. Another skein of Meil Magic, (more than a few years old)is working up quickly—well once I finally settled on a cast on, and a stitch pattern!

A crochet cast on, with open picots, and then welting for the cuff. The lace is a simple enough one—I had it memorized in a single repeat—It is one of those that just is so easy.  8 rows, half plain (well knit the knit and purl the purls sort of plain) Row 1 and Row 5 are the same, (and symmetrical) Rows 3 and 7, are mirror images.. One is a left hand set of increases and decreases, the second a set of right hand increases and decreases. The hardest part of this lace pattern is: Every row (well, not rows, but rounds) starts with a purl stitch. This doesn't bother me at all...

I like the spring colors in the color way—Pink, peach, marigold yellow, pure yellow, light green and turquoise--(which I have just started) and then back to pink

I really like the combination of horizontal color stripes, and vertical lace—I think it balances –I tend to like symmetry (and this lace has it) and I love Roy G Biv color ways (which this isn't quite, but close) so I am very happy I took all the time I did to find the right pattern...

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