Saturday, April 23, 2016

Some Very Old UFO's

One—almost finished in this past week—and one awaiting it's turn.

First—the one that is almost a FO—a swing type sweater...about 8 or 9 years old.

As I picked this up to finish (the neck bind off, a sleeve to sew in—plus some ends to weave in) I remembered why I abandon it.
1—this stretchy rayon yarn (Patons Katrina) weighs a ton...The finished garment weighs pounds, and the weight of it has it hanging.. The neck –large to begin with, is so stretchy –and it stretches out. Even with some stay stitching. I really liked the yarn –but not the results.

2--It is too big...I wanted a large oversized sweater, but this is just too big... everywhere. The neck is too big, the sleeves are too long, the width is just way too much. It is oversized every where—except the length—which is OK, not cropped, but not really long either.. I remember knitting this when I was serving grand jury duty which makes it 10 years old or so.

But I finished it up this week —well it still needs buttons and to blocked. —It calls for hand washing, but I machine wash rayon garments all the time, I will machine wash and dry—and see if doing so helps... If not, it will find its way into a donation bag. Someone might like it.

Another UFO (this is I have been thinking about) is this one—the Good Wool Witch—The hard part is done—her face—but she needs clothes--some red stockings, and some felted shoes, a skirt, a top and shawl. She will also get a pair of spectacles. I have wool both fleece and fingering yarn so I can knit or needle felt. She might just be finished—soon.

The plan is to knit stocking, and stuff them, and then felt them to the body—and then knit a skirt and shawl to dress her (a wild hat, too! ) and to make some felted shoes.. Her torso is held stiff with a “spine” (a wooden stick)but her legs and arm will be soft...I am not one for stuffed animals or toys really, but I like the good wool witch. She will watch over my stash.

There are some more UFO's besides these two—some will be finished, some scrapped...

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