Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Cast on to Cuff

Well, almost to cuff. If the socks were for me, the cuff would be done and then some, but men's socks are bigger, so I want a deeper cuff. It stands at 2 inches now, and I'll continue in 2 X 2 ribbing till its 2.5 inches.

The jacquard pattern is not very evident in the 2 x 2 ribbing, so the bulk of the sock will be a wider ribbing. 6 X 2 I think, which will make a nice transition. It will enough ribbing to help keep the socks up, and snug. S-I-L has stated the previous socks fit, but I sometime think he is generally happy about the fit, and just doesn't realize he could make little complaints and perfect fit. Most people don't have a lot of experience with custom fitted clothing—and just don't expect perfect fit. So a little ribbing will keep the snug and better fitting.

The first potholder have moved from half done to 2/3rds done.
Finished, the potholder will have 3 diamonds, top to bottom.
Which sounds like progress, but really is just a 8 rows. 

 By tomorrow, it should be 3/4ths done—Unless I make more progress than I expect—I don't think it will be finished, but close. I won't bring it along on Friday to knit on the bus, I will keep it, and any other ones I knit till the kitchen is finished. I might bring some Command hooks too.

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