Monday, May 30, 2016

Inch by Inch

And now there are 6—inches that is—on the leg of my SIL socks. I am so happy, the stripes in this yarn have a very long repeat—and just by luck, I managed to start them at the same point! I do tend to like matching socks, especially when the socks are for some one else. There are several place the stripes are almost the same, and it would have been easy to not have a near perfect match up.

Since I finished pot holder one last week, I am already well into potholders 2—this one is vertical stripes—pretty simple and easy to knit. I enjoy trying out new (stitch) patterns, and I consider pot holder to be practical oversized swatches. You learn so much from a swatch—this potholder is the same pattern as the SIL socks, 6 X 2 ribbing—but DK ribbing doesn't corrugate the way normal ribbing does. Partly is it the cotton, which has so much less stretch and bounce than wool, and partly is the nature of double knitting—each column of purls is backed by another column of purls—which push against each other—and restrict the ability of the purls receding.

I ended up frogging the black and white UFO potholder, the one I was making for me—I just didn't like the way it looked, and a few errors existed... So, after I finish Pot holder 2 for DD, I will make a new potholder for me. Not sure what pattern I will do... something old or something new.

I also finished my secret project—that you won't get till see till June-- But I am happy with it—and with the whole reason it is secret.

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