Monday, May 30, 2016

Into the Leg

Cuff is finished, leg started, and a scant inch of the leg done. The yarn, (Red Heart Heart & Sole) had been treated with aloe, (which, by the smell, I know last through a few washes). It is not a strong aroma, and I don't mind it any way, but I do love how it feels when knitting with it.

One of wools characteristics is its ability to wick moisture.. Wool socks leave your feet feeling dry and comfortable—And its not just a feeling. You feet and sock are drier, and fresher. Wool is the natural cure to stinky feet—no moisture mean less bacterial growth—no warm wet environment for stink producing bacteria to grown in.

The bad news about this, is, as you knit, the wool wicks moisture right from you hand—leaving you with dry skin! The aloe helps. I still have to use a moisturizing cream to keep my skin from drying out, but not as much or as often. I don't have a problem with dry skin on my feet—but then, human feet are the biggest sweat producers of a human body. You can wick away the moisture forever, and not have overly dry skin.

I didn't make much progress on the socks (just an inch) but I did finish up the first potholder. This potholder, like all my potholder patterns, is for a large one. (about 10 inches by 11.5 inches, before washing in hot water to shrink. It will shrink into something closer to a square, but it won't shrink down to something small. I LIKE big (10 inch) potholders.. I feel cheated by 8 inch square ones—and wouldn't consider anything smaller.

But, then, I don't use oven mitts very often, which is likely why I like hand sized pot holders. I want a potholders the protects my hands and allows me to get a good comfortable grip. My potholders (that is to say, the ones I make for myself, and use) double as hot mats, and even place mats. I make the loops for hanging them flat, and along side, not a big corner loop.

I cast on and started the next potholder in this set—(for my daughter) but it was late last night—and I messed up, and the cast on and row one will be frogged. I might switch things up and go back to work on the black and white UFO one (for me).

The potholder bring my FO list for May up to 5.5 (the socks started in April and finished in my are the 0.5)--If I finish the UFO potholder, that will be 6 finished objects this month. I don't know if that is a record (for me) or not—but it is a lot accomplished for the month—even if several were UFO's to begin with.

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