Monday, May 09, 2016

Moving Stash Yarn from Point A to Point B

So the chenille yarn pillow cover is almost 2/3rds done. It has worked out perfectly! I had 2 full skeins of Carons Jewel Box chenille, in pearl, and 1 partial skein of some dark teal/turquoise chenille (no idea what brand or how many yards)

Skein 1 of the Jewel Box yielded 7 inches (by 16) the teal, 2.25 inches. Now I am on to the second skein of the Jewel Box—and the result will be an almost perfect 16 X 16 inch square. The chenille will be sewn onto some white cotton, and then made into a square pillow. Perfect! It matches (sort of) my bedroom right now, but I plan to remove the wallpaper, (a blue/green/teal print on cream) and paint the walls teal—one accent wall a dark teal, the remaining 3 a pastel.

I loved the wall paper when I first saw it.. and I bought the completed set—wallpaper, edging, sheets, comforter, shams, dust ruffle and curtains— They are not all one pattern, but several complimentary prints. One has a cream base and small print, the other a dark green background and large print. The sheets combine the two, (as does the wall paper/ and edging paper) I liked the look—for a while, but now 15 years later, I am bored with all the matchy-matchy pieces. Solid walls, and colored sheets will be much easier to accessorize and change. The comforter and curtain will work well with solid painted walls, but there will still be a big difference.

The Winter Love Braid Cap is finished, too. And the pattern is closing in on being done. I will make an other version in a commercially available worsted weight wool—just because—and then the pattern will be published. (and another little bit of stash will be moved to the FO pile.)

I got a few rounds of the sock done, too. But the yarn is still pink-but the next round will change to peach—so some, but not much progress—but any progress is progress. I will concentrate on these socks for the next few days—before working on the cap. I might even make a third cap, with another skein of home spun. Maybe a variation—same style, but change the cable and other minor changes (and bigger!) The cap just fits my bowling ball head—It would be better just a little bit larger. And there are other details that would improve the design—Tweaks—as it were. I might just bundle the 2 patterns together as an option.

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