Saturday, May 07, 2016

My Reward

For finishing up 2 UFO's? I started 2 more projects!

One is half done (more than half done).What's more, the pattern for it has been written up too. Just a little more work on the charts, and few details to be edited before I publish it.

It's a stash buster hat—Last year, I received several skeins of various sizes (from 100 yards to 600 yards) of home spun yarn from Robyn Love. The newest project makes use of the 100 yard skein, in a great little stash busting cap. It is an easy to knit project---that starts flat and evolves into one knit in the round (a sure fired, guarantee way to start knitting in the round for a cast on edge won't be twisted)
It is a nicely shaped hat, too. I get so bored of the limitless collections of hats that are a basic Upside down U shape... Enough already! This cap is shaped, and fits close to the head. 

 It's warm—but not overly so,  it is a small cap  The stitch pattern creates air trapping nooks and crannies—or more accurately, air trapping ridges, that increase the fine merino's natural warmth. I love the beautiful colors Robyn uses to spin this yarn up. I tend to like symmetrical regular color ways—but this yarn breaks the rules—and I love it. Here is a small peek—but you'll have to wait for the FO to see it in all its glory.

I have a few rounds before it is finished, and a few days till it has been fully edited—but watch for it... It is a winner!

Mean while, the heels are turned and the downward progression of the gussets continue. The color striping has been corrected too. It will take a while to finish the socks.. the gussets are large, and work is slow.. But once the gusset is finished, I know things will go faster.

The heel is extra thick and plush—the 4 ply Patons Kroy yarns used in the heel was substantially thicker than the main sock yarn. But I have had heels wear out, so its all good. I am so very happy with these socks, they won't languish.

The other project that is underway is a simple garter stitch pillow in some chenille yarn. A simple square, (about 16 inches) There will be a stripe—White, teal, white—the backing will be cotton (a piece of woven cotton) A small soft pillow for my bed-- a no brainer project—that will move stash yarn from point A to Point B. I already have 4 inches knit. It's my easy to do, just before bed time knitting. US size 9 needles and simple knitting make it the perfect thing to knit late at night—absolutely no thought required!

There are other things going on too... some sewing, and some embroidery, and still cleaning and sorting through clothes (laundry has settled down to a reasonable 2 loads a week--) A big bag of stuff is off to charity—and out of the house, and that feels good too!

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