Thursday, May 12, 2016

Progress Here, Progress There

Little bits of progress every where.

More cleaning (and then more messing up) done, with a large part of the refrigerator cleaned, and filled up with groceries—fresh fruit salad among other things. A sale on ground beef ($2 a lb!) resulted in some meatballs being made—and ground beef crumble, so naturally, a few pots and pans were dirtied.

Laundry (always and forever laundry!) sorted and done yesterday evening (dinner time--(6PM) is a great time to do wash—I planned to do this Monday—but somehow it never got done. It's folded, but I still need to put it away.

Other bits of maintenance cleaning done, floor washed, thing put away, and there was still time for knitting!
The Hill and Vale socks have gussets, ending mid peach, and  now the marigold yellow strip is more than half done. The chenille pillow cover has a few more rows done—a bit more than 75% done I am thinking, that maybe, instead of a big (16 X 16 square) I might sew up the sides, and make a neck roll. I like the idea more with each row I knit.

The pattern for the Winter Love Braid Cap is done--and a second cap is finished. The second cap is made from some stash yarn, (a single skein left over from another project)--This second version will likely get put into the charity hat pile--(as so many of my experimental hats do.) The pattern is avail now on Ravelry

A first draft of a design often yields a perfectly serviceable/wearable hat-- but sometimes, one that I often consider a design failure. Nothing really wrong with the hat, except I don't like the results. I go on from there to either rework the design (and create what I envisioned) or I abandon the design—as not worth the effort. Either way, I have a spare, expendable hat. In this case I will be keeping version 1--made with home spun yarn.  I almost never knit for a charity—but I frequently have hats (and other FO's) that become charitable donations.

And I am already thinking about what is next!

First will be some socks for my S-I-L, then some UFO's—first up, yet another G Class Star Lace hat—I have given away a few of the 6 I have knit, leaving me with just 3. I want to finish up the two that are half complete. This is the perfect time of year for these hats.. Having another two in the mix will be useful.

Another cotton mat, and some double knit pot holders are needed, too. My daughter and son-in-Law are redoing their kitchen (from the original 1950's one!) and new matching pot holder will be a nice finishing touch. I need some new potholders, too. Two of mine had a brush with death--they caught on fire. Mostly just scorched, rather than burnt, but they are looking old and shabby as a result.

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