Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Progress? Not So Much

The heels been done—and that is about it for knitting.

A few skeins have been made into cakes, (and one cake has been made into a skein for over-dying).

There has been writing (patterns) and editing, and designing... but actual knitting? Not that much.

I wish spring would finally arrive—I have been spring cleaning my wardrobe and household linens. Mountains of laundry; sheets (normal wash) and comforters, and light weight blankets, and shams and curtains, and seasonal laundry too. Short sleeve tee's have been pulled out and made available, the long sleeve tees and top have been clean—and almost put away—but this week has been cold.

45° in the AM and high's as low as 59° (that is under 16c!) is pretty cool for a classic NY spring. But it is part of a recent weather pattern (the effects of climate change!) With weather like that, It's hard to put away winter stuff away.

When the temps drop to 45° at night—blankets and flannel sheets are a comfort. Winter jackets are still needed when its only 53°, windy and damp—as it was yesterday. Weather wise, winter clothes are still in the mix... and I just don't have enough room for both winter and summer clothes open and in the closets and drawers!

So lots of things are being done—some even fiber related.. but knitting? Well the heels have been turned!

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