Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

I wrote a post for yesterday—but, well, plans changed. My DD is in her last few weeks of pregnancy--(she is due June 8th) And at the same time (words most knitting have learned to fear!) is undergoing a kitchen redo. Like me, she lives in a co-op, so there are no new walls or construction, Just the ripping out of old cabinets, and replacing with new (new appliances too). When problems cropped up late Friday, I realized that Monday could be challenging.

Grandma, too, had plans go awry, and is off in sunny CA. So Nana came to the rescue. Being the good mother I am, I arrived with a cup of hot coffee for my daughter, (No sink, no stove (well there is stove, but since its not connected to the gas line.), no counter space to set up coffee maker) makes hot coffee a major hassle. That minor job done, I was off to my main task of the day--Wrangling 2 two year olds.

Off we went—taking a leisurely walk to the library about a half mile away. We stopped, not to smell the roses, but to look at the trees, and feel the texture of their bark. There were lily's of the valley to smell and newly planted begonias, fading azalea, and giant rhododendron to as well, to smell, and touch and admire too. Most of the co-ops in Queens, are like this... tall building, (these are rather short at 6 stories) with some landscaped garden like areas—even the local public housing has some lawn area, and greenery. It not a real nature walk, but its far short of concrete jungle.

We stopped, too, at the local grocery, to admire the display of colorful annuals for sale—since this area, also has a large number of single family homes. The grocery store is in a city style shopping center.. a row of small and medium stores (fronting on the side walk) with the parking in back. Every store was interesting and commented upon. Both girls expressed an interest in visiting the bagel store—but that was postponed.

Just before we reached the library, (we were early,) we went to the park. A number of others toddles (and their parents) were assembled there, too, waiting till the library opened and the toddle class start. Non stop running, climbing, jumping, sliding and exploring—this is not the girls usual playground, and there were forgotten nooks to explore.

Miss C was happy to leave the park and join the class, but Miss J had decided it was no fun, and had a bit of hissy fit. Not a full on tantrum, but there was no happiness for her. She sat off to the side and pouted. We left the class early, but stayed in the library. The children's room has crayons and paper, and other attractions. Heading home there were more things to see. Miss J is a basketball fan, and a couple of older teens entertained for a while. She cheered every score. Miss C meanwhile was trying to sneak up of the pigeons and sparrows –quite unsuccessfully. Every corner offered a chance to re-enforce street crossing safety. Stop signs are a big hit—and the side roads had several (as did the parking lots) They live on a busy street—Commercial areas have trucks, and the main street is a feeder road to the main commercial area—4 bus routes merge on the way to down town Flushing so learning traffic safety is vital.  Buses are greatly admired—and not a single one passed with out being noted. Even bus stops, with their glass shelters required inspections.

We stopped in the bagel store on the way home, and the second half of the trip home was in their stroller, as they devoured buttered bagels.

Home was a bit hard on Nana—It wasn't a big hill but a slow steady, persistent upgrade. The library is in flood zone 1, but the coop is safely in flood zone 4—need I say more?
Our 3 hour outing left everyone exhausted! I could have done with a nap, too.

But back to knitting—I got a little more of the sock done on the way home-- and now with 7 + inches of foot, I am a few rounds away from starting the toe! The stripe sequencing failed again, and the stripes are once again a few rounds off perfect—I am not so much of a perfectionist as to do anything about it.. You can see (well I can see!) the discrepancy on LEGS, but, alas, I do not have people prostrating them selves at my feet to adore me, and from 5 or so feet away, no one will notice the imperfection.

I finished (well and truly finished) my chenille pillow. All the knitting was done, a bit of scrap cotton was sewn up into a bolster, stuffed with poly fill and the pillow cover sew on. Voila! A FO.

Minutes after that, an other UFO was picked up—and work commenced again. This UFO is being kept a bit of a secret for the moment--(here is is a misshapen mess) It too, like the pillow, will require some after work—finishing the knitting (about 15 more  rows of a 150 stitches) is only half the work needed to finish the project.

Early this year (or was it late last year?) I started to work on making some potholders—and didn't make much progress. Those are moving up to being the next project to finish. A newly renovated kitchen deserves some new matching potholders, don't you think? There will be some new kitchen towels, too. We are a family of kitchen towel, not paper towels users. Since I never got any potholders made for me, these will be an ongoing simple task for the next couple of weeks or so. These are another case of moving stash from point A to point B—but at least some of the stash will move to a new kitchen

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