Sunday, May 22, 2016

UFO's No More

First, (finally!) the socks are finished! The bright and cheery stripes don't match up perfectly except at a few spots, but they are not so different as to matter much. I am very happy with the soft picot bumps at the cast on edge, and welting instead of ribbing—so all over, these are a successful FO

So, of course, I am going to immediately start a new pair—not for me, but for my S-I-L, for father's day. He is going to be a father again by that time, since my daughter has a narrow window for a natural deliver before she goes in for a C section The twins were born C section, (because of medical need) and while a VBAC is desired, her doctors are watching her very carefully. She had life threatening complications with the twins—so they won't take any chances.

Meanwhile, a scheduled kitchen re-do (hers) has become a re-don't. The physical cabinets are great, but the install and general management of the project has been one problem after another. The idea of coming home to a non functioning kitchen, (no counter top=no sink, no water, no dishwasher, no refrigerator/freezer. ) with an newborn, and twins is daunting. There are work arounds, (and it is she admits, a very first world problem, the women round the world have it worse, (she does have water to wash, and drink, and a laundromat in the basement) But then, she lives in the first world, and this beyond some basic expectations.

The other UFO is not quite a FO—Knitting is finished, but there are some loose ends to weave in and a complex bind off to finish—less than an hours work. I would have done it last night, but I long ago learned not to do any thing complex after 9PM—as it always results in a bit of mess. And it will remain a secret project for an other week or two--(at this point the bind off is half done) 

The remaining current project are the potholders... One of which is going to be frogged (just 4 rows done) and restarted. There are going to be more potholders than this to be frogged one.  I plan on not starting anymore knitting projects till the S-I-L socks and the potholders are finished.

There are still more UFO's loitering—a square shawl, and black t-shirt, come to mind, and more projects planned—several non knitting ones included.. Some sheets and pillow cases that will be embellished with embroidery, and a linen runner for the dining room table, too. Knitting a bit of cotton lace for edging the sheets and pillow cases is on the list as well.. I am lazy, and like to have some fancy sheets and pillow cases for the summer—then I make my bed by just making the sheets neat—no coverlet, at all. Just pretty sheet, smoothed and neatened, showing of the handiwork.

In addition to these bits of hand sewing, there are piles of fabric waiting to be cut and sewn into clothing—and some mending as well. After months of being down in the dumps and hardly cleaning, I am now onto detailed stuff.. Washing walls and wood work, and planning jobs—a new floor for my terrace--(outdoor wood tiling that has a wood top, and snap together plastic on the underside.) Easy to put down, and almost as easy to pull up if needed. The terraces on the building were all renovated a few years ago, and tenants/owners were reminded no permanent flooring was permitted on the terrace.

Snap together tiles will be a nice option, non permanent, and will give the terrace a nice finished look.  The 10 year old resin chairs and planters on the terrace  are cracking, and need to be replaced, too. So they can be tossed, the floor installed, and then new furniture  and lattice, too,  added.. A total redo of this seasonal room.

I am also planning a bed room redo...Likely, at the pace I am moving at, that won't be till after the heat of summer.

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