Tuesday, May 24, 2016

With a Week to Go

Till the end of May, I took a review of this month's progress, and I am somewhat amazed at all the knitting I have done.

Sure, the Hill and Vale socks took a whole month (and then some)--They were started mid April and took 36 days from start to finish, but they are finished. I am also almost finished with writing up the pattern for the same.

I designed a cap, knit it up, wrote up the pattern, and then knit a second version. A third version is still a UFO. It's a very different version—amazing how different the cap looks in a different yarn

My secret (for another week) project is finished, too. It was a UFO, too, so it didn't take long to finish up the knitting—or the finishing.   Its nice to have another UFO become a FO.  The little chenille neck roll was started and finished, too. It was a bit of moving stash from point A to point B, but it still counts. That is 5 projects!
Here is another project half done—that will be be finished before the month is out. It's only taken a few day to get to the half way point—it won't take much more to finish.

This is first of several double knit potholders I plan on knitting. I also have a half done UFO potholder to finish (for me). This one, the first of several, is for my daughter and her new kitchen. She will also get a gingham one (one of the morning shows claimed that gingham is the latest trend this summer) and a third one is planned, too. In a new and different pattern. Nothing complicated, a variation of a design I often use. 

All of these won't be finished before June, but I expect at least this one, and the other UFO will be finished in May. 

Last night I cast on the socks for my S-I-L—Heart & Sole sock yarn in a Jacquard print of browns and blues—the color name is Toasted Almond. . I'll have to push to have them finished by Father's day—but is been a while since I have worked with a jacquard print yarn—I always like them. It.s so much fun to watch the pattern emerge—it makes them easy to knit.  

By observation, blue seems to be his favorite color—and while this yarn is mostly brown, it does have some blue. The rest of my blue sock is pretty light—I am working him into patterns and stripes, and starting with darker more masculine colors, to start. 

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