Thursday, June 02, 2016

(2 inches) X 2

Yesterday, the potholder was 6 inches, today it is 8—and looking more and more like a potholder. The peachy yarn is coming close to the end... It was a partial skein, but I felt there was enough for my purposes, and there is still enough yarn left that I feel confident that there will be enough for at least a 10 X 10 potholder—which I realize will not be a square after fulling, but it will still be a nice comfortably large potholder. It won't take long to finish. The pot holder after this, will be a black and white one for me.. Then a 3rd for my DD, followed up by more potholders for me, and then? Well I still have lots of cotton yarn!

The socks, too have gained 2 inches and now with 9 inches of leg, I am are ready to start the heel flap.
I love working the heel—and love even more that the heel marks the half way point of the sock--

The flap will be close to 3 inches-- and this will make the floor to top of cuff about 12 inches. The foot will be 12 inches, too, so heel really is the half way point in the socks –and I have been working on them for 11 days- If I keep making progress at this rate (a rate that includes some days with no progress at all!) I should have them finished in time for father's day (my goal).

I'll make some progress on the flap today since today is first day of my CSA participation. My daughter has been doing the CSA for years—First one in Little Neck, and now a local one (both CSA are supplied by the same farm) .This year I decided to try it out. The first pick up is actually 1 week late—Spring in the north east has been especially cool, and all the crops are a week behind.

This weeks share is mostly greens—mixed spring greens, (little bits of lettuce, from thinning the plantings, pea threads, radish greens and other edible greens from thinning plants.. This is the stuff they charge a fortune for in the green grocers, some real lettuce, arugula, kale, and bok choy.

I will still end up buying some onions, (red, yellow, and spring) peppers and carrots. I like all these greens, but I often like salads that are more than just greens. I didn't sign up for the herbs (from a different farm) and I love fresh spring herbs in spring salads. I know where mint grows wild, (and a little mint goes a long way) and like a spring pesto of parsley, basil and mint. I am growing basil but it doesn't grow (in a window box) as fast as I like to use it! I'll also pick up some sprouts—bok choy, sprouts, onion and carrot make nice stir fry--.

I had hoped to have a car by now--(at it stands it will be August before that happens) so I will knit on the bus to from the CSA pick up point.

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