Friday, June 10, 2016

A Little Bit Here

A little bit there. And so it goes. SIL socks have another inch added to the foot (5.5 inches now) not quite half way. More to be done today, (there will be several bus rides and a hope of lots of knitting today and the next few days.

But no photo's today.

Potholder 1 for me, black and white stripes, is now half done –with 6 and bit inches. And potholder 2, red and white stripes, is still short of being half done, but it too has another inch.

I will need some more black and red cotton to finish the 4 potholders I plan to knit as a group-all variations on striped patterns Do you think I am stuck on striped patterns? I do, but each pattern is different—and stripes offer so many possibilities! Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, mitered, thick, thin, all knits, or knits and purls, multi colors (that is more than 2 colors); stripes are complex. 

 I think want some gingham potholders, for me and one for DD,  too!

I also have some red linen yarn, so I think I might end up making a towel too. (That is what i bought the linen for in the first place!)  I have made several hand towels, for my bathroom, a red linen towel might be nice for kitchen. I have some gingham towels, and some striped towel (when I like something, I like it in lots of different forms) but both are cotton. Linen towels are special though they last for ever--(one favorite is some 30 year old, and it hasn't match my kitchen in years!) But I keep it- linen towels get softer and lovelier with each washing.

I still plan to make another potholder for my DD, (even though she complained she had too many already)—but she is still holding onto 2 potholder that were damaged.

After the potholders, UFO's and hats.. (as for which UFO, well, there are still a few of them.

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