Wednesday, June 01, 2016

At Sixes and Sevens

Yesterday, I got called to Nana duty—A bit of rough curb (there are way too many bits if you ask me!) snagged my DD car—and took out the tire on her car. This happened over the holiday weekend, and yesterday was repair day.

As Nana, I took the girls on a walk/ride—to a playground, as mom headed to repair shop. On the way, I made a mistake and called this a park—the girls protested that they didn't want to go to the park, they wanted to go to the playground!

This was a work out for me—2 girls each about 30lbs, a double stroller (another 30 lbs) and the 20lb back pack with snacks, spare diapers, change of clothes.. (none of which were used) in a half mile walk (mostly uphill, but not a very steep hill.

We stopped along the way to admire flowers, and comment on trucks (a mail truck and a Con Edison crew that were parked were especially popular) and feel the bark on some trees. Same thing on the way home.

At the play ground, there were swings (to push) and slides, and ladders, and water games.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted—I really don't know how my daughter does it!

So very little knitting got accomplished—the double knit potholder is 6 inches along, and will be knit till I run out of yarn, the SIL socks are at 7 inches. If they were for me, it would be time to start the heel, but for SIL I need another 2 inches or so.

But I am so happy with both projects, it won't be hard to continue working on them both till they are completed.

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