Wednesday, June 08, 2016

How Do You Queue?

This should have been posted Monday—there will be an update later today!

I know that Ravelry has a queue feature, but I never use it. For years I have had idea books, and these are also queue books. They are not strictly chronological, but tend to over lap. (and they are not always saved)

Sometimes they are blank paper, sometimes, lined, and there have even been books that have cross hatched graph paper. I like them all. I found a misplaced one just the other day, and I enjoyed finding queues of project ideas (and realizing I had completed many of them!) and also being reminded, there were things on these lists that I hadn't gotten to.

So, immediately, I made a new list! About half the items on the new list are ideas that had been floating round in my head—but some how, writing them down made them more real. Others are left overs from previous queues that I had sort of forgotten about.

I sometime stumble across a new pattern, or a new idea, and queue be damned—the NEW and shiny! jumps to the head of the mental list.. and then, my mind, un-moored from the list just goes out and continues to work on project that float into view.

I have 3 “homemade sock club” kits to knit, (and 2 socks kits that are UFO's!) but the SIL socks aren't one of them, and chenille neck roll wasn't on any queue either. The double knit potholders—well they were sort of planned. Never made it to a written queue, but I have needed new ones for a while. And I never just make potholders for me.

I have too much cotton, in too many colors! I love my black and white kitchen and black and white potholders—but I always want to knit with colors, too! So there are always extra ones in colors that get knit up.

Speaking of which—I have made only a little progress for a few days now on the striped potholder, but I have started a black and white one (totally different stripe pattern). The SIL socks had heel flaps by Friday evening, and now, a few rows of the gusset. Some progress but not a lot. I will be knitting in earnest again to day, and next week too.. Lots more bus rides planned.

The good news in my life is, it is getting busier—the bad news is, it is getting busier! I was off to see my DD on Tuesday, as well as the usual Friday, and then on Thursday, I went 90% of the way to her, (and saw her)when I went to the CSA pick up. And I was there again on my usual Friday visit.

Technically, I live in Flushing (as does she) —but in reality, I live in a neighborhood called Rego Park—about 4.5 miles away, she is in Flushing North—a mile or so from “downtown Flushing” (a thriving commercial area) . Should be a 10 minute drive.. On good days, it is a 20 minute one. By bus, it is a 45 minute to an hour trip. Thursday night, going to the CSA took 35 minutes (very good time!) Coming home? It took hour and half! So I am busy—but not doing much of anything, except it seems, sometimes, but riding buses.

I always knit on the bus (and on the subway when I ride it) but knitting on the buses is slow knitting. The good news is: NYC has LOTS of buses and bus routes, and most run 24 hours a day. The are often scheduled 10 to 15 minutes apart. The bad news is: there are delay, and the buses them selves are worked hard, and there shock absorbers? Always in need of repair! Hard winter freezes make pot holes, repairing and patching makes lumps, resurfacing creates delays...So bus rides are never smooth rides, or fast rides. On 3 different occasions, I dropped a stitch while knitting the heel flap. It can be that bumpy.

So some progress has been made, and my idea book, and its queue are front and center.. Who knows how long that will last?

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