Monday, June 13, 2016

I Lied.

Last time I posted about of my SIL's sock, I said I had 5.5 inches done. Wrong—the gussets end at 3.5 inches, and last week (on Friday) when I posted with out any photos, the socks were just 4.5 inches.

Since then? 4.5 became 5.5, and then 6.5 (Past the half way point in the foot!) and now the foot is 7.5 inches long-- 3 inches of progress in 3 days. If the sock were for me, I would be starting the toe in a row or two. But my SIL is taller than me, and well, men in general have wider feet, so 7.5 is far short of being a foot. In fact, a foot is a foot for my SIL (where as my foot is just 9.25!)

A lot of this knitting was done on buses.. going back and forth to Winthrop hospital.. Miss C and Miss J now have a new sister, Miss K. The 3 inches of sock were knit for the most part on the way to and from visiting. Miss K has been nicknamed “the Meatball” by the nurses—she is a healthy 10 lb baby, who is a newborn who wears size 1 (not size 0) pampers, and her head is too big for the hospital issued new born hats. Her mother (DD) was of a similar size--(9lb15 oz) and had a similar problem. Fortunately, DD saved some of the hats I knit for the twins—so there are hats that fit.

The girls are thrilled with new baby sister, but they have been missing mommy—who will be home from the hospital tomorrow.

At home, I am working on some potholders for me—working out new designs, and documenting them at the same time... and my mind has been working over time on ideas for more—potholder and new designs for the same. Potholder 1 is now 9 inches long (and will be continued till I run out of yarn (the black skein)) Potholders 2, the red and white one, is just past the half way point. Potholder 3 will be a simple one—worked from a stitch pattern that is in the public domain, and the partial inspiration for potholders 1 and 2) Potholder 4—will be not part of the red/black/white set, though there might be a potholder 5 in the red/black/white color ways. But first I will work out a simpler design—then I will work out the finer points for a 3 color design.

It will be a totally new design (and for me, a new shape, too!) Who knows how many other ideas there are fermenting in my brain...Certainly potholder 4 (I am hard pressed not to start it IMMEDIATELY!) is something new for me, though its not a totally new idea... just my SPIN (key word there) on what others have done.

I feel bad keeping these potholder designs secret--but trust me they are worth waiting for!

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