Thursday, June 09, 2016

Late With the Update.

The second double knit potholder is big enough to be a small place mat--(9 X 12) I didn't add a hanging loop. Small mats are great for drying a single glass, or at a hot mat for something hot from the oven, or...  They have lots of uses. I will be doing laundry tomorrow, and will wash and pre-shrink this mat (and the dimpled diamond pot holder, too) eventual there will be a third potholder to finish the series. (I am also taking back one potholder from her--It is one I never added to Ravelry...and since it won't go with her new kitchen....

Meanwhile I am working on 2 different potholders for my kitchen. One is half done—the black and white stripes, (6 inches) the other red and white stripes, has 5 inches done.. I am holding off taking picture for a short while. It will be worth the wait.

My SIL's socks? Gusseted! Just 2 rounds past the last decrease, and the sole is 4 inches long. Or 1/3rd done! There will be a long stretch of just foot—since I need 12 in total, but the toe will be longer than my average (woman's sized) toe—since the socks have 72 stitches (12 more than most of my socks that are 60 stitches on average)

After the SIL socks? Well I still have some UFO's (socks, a vest, a shawl) and some plans for some hats (what more hats?!) Yes more hats. All of these are small, light weight project that are good for the summer (who wants an alpaca sweater sitting in your lap on a 90° day?

I might knit some slippers, too. My written queue is dated fall/winter, so the summer is unscheduled time for small projects and finishing UFO. I might not get them all finished, but I will make a dent in the pile of UFO's and I plan to get some sewing done too.  This week I got some mending done.. but there is still a big pile left.

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