Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Potholder 1 (for me!)

Done—It will even make it into the wash today, for fulling/shrinking. I have just finished weave in the ends- I have taken some before photos, (to show the shape and the unevenness of the stitching.) and will take some after photo's and show how a good soaking in hot water, with some agitation, evens out the knitting and at the same time brings the potholder closer to a square shape.

These photos are limited.. I want to have a proper launch with all the new designs at once.. so there will be just peeks.
Potholders 2 is square—but square isn't square once it has be washed and shrunk—see below. It will end up being a big one (even by my “I love oversized potholders” standards).. More of a counter mat or hot mat than a potholder. It working name is Awning...I am not sure if that will stick.

In any case, Square is 11 inches square, so I will continue till it is 14 inches or so. Small for a place mat, but actually just about the perfect size for my dinner trays. I have some real serving trays (for carrying food or plates for company) but I daily I use small trays just big enough for coffee, a small bowl of cottage cheese and another bowl for fruit.. (and a single rice cake.) Its the old dieters trick use small bowls and plates, so the food fills the plate and makes small portions look bigger.

Meanwhile, here is old old potholder.. the once dark black has faded to pale grey (this potholder might have found itself in a load of white wash, and been bleached)

It started out Taller than it was wide.. A rectangle.
But repeated washing, and with each one, the ratios changed... Its a rectangle again, but now it is way wider than it is tall. I can stretch it into an almost square shape. But it wants to squat!
Of course, seconds after potholder 1 was off the needle, potholder 4 was cast on. (3 times before I got it right!) I know it's out of order.. Potholder 3 (part of the black/white/red set) should come before potholder 4.. but potholder 3 is a design I have knit before

It's a natural part of the black/white/red set, as is pot holder 5 (if I ever get to 5) which is just going to be another window pane or gingham one.. designs I have knit so often I could do them in my sleep.

Potholder 3? Something total new (for me)--A round potholder.. Lucy Neatby's round and rounds of round double knitting is just too interesting to pass by! I am not sure that I NEED seat cushions, (and I KNOW I don't need an other lap/mid sized blanket) so what a person to do? Clearly I need to knit some round potholders, or round hot mats, or well, something of that sort.

Maybe if I like round flat double knitting, I will go all out and knit a rug—Loosely in wool, and then full it into a nice thick rug for my living room. I bought a bunch of yarn years ago, to do just that (knit a floor rug) and I have never gotten around to it... Maybe what was holding me back was the ROUND to it part.

If I hate double knitting in the round, I can always go back to my original plans for a rug knit in very uneven stripes, in garter stitch.

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