Friday, July 01, 2016

I Have Been Busy

So busy, and yet, I didn't want to post anything about what I have been up to. I have posted a bit, but mostly I have been mum..

First, the simplest  Single stripes, one side horizontal, one side vertical--this isn't my design but one in the public domain, but I figured out a different method to knit it.  

At this point, I have completed 4 new potholder designs, a 5th is on the needles, about half done, and a 6th will be started before the day is done.

Next--a simple variation, double horizontal stripes, paired with single vertical ones.  

This naturally suggested the opposite, a pattern of double Vertical stripes, paired with single horizontal stripes.. This pattern has been named Awning, naturally.

Finally, for the moment, a 4th design.  Dots and Blocks, is surprisingly easy, especially considering it is a 22 row pattern!  

None of these have been blocked yet, and all will look better after blocking.  I have one more red and white design, and after that, the potholder will be a range of colors

There are at least a half dozen more designs floating round in my head—and I just can't knit fast enough (I suppose if I stopped eating, or walking or doing normal household routines, (these potholders are going to be washed and dried along with other wash later today)

My kitchen is a study in black and white, with red accents, and these potholders are all for me. The next half dozen will be a number of different colors, for friends, and at least one will be for fund raising event.

Every design I complete suggests a variation that is different—I keep adding design ideas to my knitting list!

All of these potholders are non mirror image designs. If you want to learn this advanced form of double knitting these designs are simple enough learn with, and yet offer a challenge. The first design, a simple pattern of single stripes, (one side vertical, one side horizontal) is free—even thought my directions are slightly different than most of the other versions.

I like to work in what I call “single pass” Many patterns for double knitting are two pass—They have you work in a knit/slip pattern, in a single color, and then re-knit the same row, in a slip/knit pattern. Working the same row twice—Too Slow! for me.

I like a single pass method—Knit/purl every stitch in the row, moving both yarns, as you go, to work every stitch in the row as you go.

There are occasional exceptions to this, but 99% of the time, there is no need to work a row twice.

My plan is for a bakers dozen set of designs—each building new skills, each exploring different methods (Oh the designs to come!--combinations of different techniques and double knitting! Knits and purl to the nth degree!

All of these designs are dual duty—1st Potholders—that are functional in their right, but also serve as large swatches, since the patterns (both written out and graphed) include details on repeats, so that you can readily use the patterns for make hats, scarves, mittens, or place mats, or floor mats—even simple block shaped vests from these stitch patterns.

I hope you like them, and I hope I have whetted your appetite for more non mirror imaged designs.