Monday, October 10, 2016

Gusseted and a Bit More.

When last seen, the heel was turned. Now, the gussets are done—and the sole of the sock measures 4.5 inches. This is just about the half way point of the sock—So about 75% done. The gussets have more than average stitches, but in a few inches, I will be decreasing for the toe—and being working few than average stitches--(for this sock 60 stitches are average.)

I am pleases that the yarn continues not to pool—not even in an attractive way. It remains a heathery tweed with shades of purple and green.

I have a lot of color in my wardrobe—there is hardly a color I don't have (well yellow is often in short supply) in my wardrobe--and the same goes for my stash—but--I do need to go shopping and buy—sock yarn!

I have been knitting socks for my son-in-law(about 2 pairs a year). He is a hunter (bow and arrow!) and wool socks are a must for hunters. But since he walks close to a mile to the subway each morning on the way to work, he likes dressy wool socks too. (by dressy read—Dull, nondescript socks suitable to wear to a NYC business office.) This year, I decided to knit him a pair of football socks. Mostly dull boring (I hate to knit) black—and to make them fun for me, with red stripes—They will have a bit of stranded work, too. UGA—socks. Good for work (since they are mostly black) good for hunting (mostly wool) and good fun for a football fan (my grandchildren learned early on to cheer “Yay Georgia!”)

I have had black sock yarn in the past, and have 3 partial skeins of black, but no two the same shade, and each skein is under an ounce—so not enough to be the main color in a pair of striped socks.

I need some red yarn too—but if push comes to shove, I can dye some yarn red. I have been busy with other things, too. Knitting some hats, (documenting the details, too) home improvements, culling the things I don't need, cleaning the things I do, making some details (throw pillow, bolsters and shams) and I have become active in a civic association, too.

But these socks are coming along are almost done.

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