Friday, October 21, 2016

Inching Along

Another inch completed, and the yoke is now 5.5 inches –which is where it was yesterday morning. I am almost finished (just a row or two worth of yarn, left) with skein 2—which is just another way to measure progress. I haven't bothered to take a photo—It really doesn't look very different. Maybe tomorrow, when there is a forth buttonhole to mark progress.

I was out and about yesterday (My schedule has changed—I am home today, ) so I didn't take the Pretty in Pink sweater with me, instead I took a much more portable set of slippers.

They are a large boxy design—95 stitches long, and 38 rows high—followed by 57 stitches long and an other 38 rows. I have completed 22 rows of the first 38—So a bit of math.

95 X 38=3610 Total stitches in first boxy bit
57 X 38=2116 Total stitches in second boxy bit

3610+ 2116 = 5776 Total stitches in 1 slipper

22 X 95=2090 Total number of stitches I have knit so far.

A bit over 1/3rd done—but still pretty far from half way(which is about row 30) Not bad for a days work. I did have a bit of head start, I had cast on and worked a few row Wednesday evening.

Right now the slippers are huge. Giant sized! After, the knitting is completed, a few short seams to sew, and then, off to the washer to be fulled—As they shrink, they will become nice and thick and will make cozy and sturdy slippers. This the largest pair I will make—best to get it done first, every other pair will be smaller and faster to knit. Especially the ones for the girls—they are girls size 8—I could have had a pair and half knit in the same time it took me to knit less than a half extra large adults size!

I had the idea of planning some small portable projects to take with me for a break from Pretty in Pink, but these slippers aren't much of break—except for needle size and tension-- The pink alpaca yarn suggests a size 7 (4.5) needle, which creates a very drapy fabric. I am working the garter stitch yoke on size 5 (3.5) needles because alpaca tend to stretch out, and I wanted a firm yoke. The slippers are being worked with worsted weight wool (Lion Brand Lion Wool-) on a size 10.5 needle make a very loose garter stitch fabric..

But breaking from garter to knit garter isn't much of change!

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