Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Progress (and Set Backs)

 So the yoke is now 7.5 inches, but I decided it needs to be longer... so a few more rows, a fifth and final buttonhole, and then the yoke will be done. Once it is, I will divide the work into front, sleeve, back, sleeve and front—and will work a few rows of stocking knit before joining the fronts and backs into a single group. The sleeves will done last. Skein 3 is almost done, and will be finished with the yoke.

At the same time (oh those dreaded words!) that I start working in stocking knit, I will start a small V shaped motif. The shell I plan to knit to match this sweater will feature chevron lace pattern, (not sure which chevron lace, but I like chevron lace, and will find one) So a knit and purl V design will be a good go with.

The grey slippers are progressing, too. You can see the boxy design more clearly now. The pattern has 8 (not clearly marked) boxes—and 5 of the 8 are finished. So more than half way done, but not quite 3/4ths done yet. I will need (and have) a 3rd skein to finish them—Since the two skeins I started with are down to the last few yards.

Progress is slowing for the moment—my hands are objecting—my right wrist is the worst, but both are achy at this point. So I will give them a rest, and get busy with other things

One other thing to keep me busy is cleaning. I think back in the days of open fire places, Spring cleaning was a must—Months of shut up tight living resulted in dust and soot every where. For me, Summer is my “Dirty” season. Months of open windows, and bright sunshine results in dust everywhere! So windows (and window sills) need cleaning, and curtains, too. It's time to wash the slip covers on the couch, too.

I have already washed most of the windows, and sills, and gotten a lot of the other washing done (like the bed pillows)—winter coverlets are out, and summer ones are washed and put away. But the there still is the couch cover, and some curtains to get done.

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