Thursday, October 06, 2016

Some Socks, Some Other Stuff

I finally finished socks started in August were finally finished mid September—These are pretty generic socks, with a narrow cable down both sides front—the yarn? Label less sock yarn bought for $5 at a garage sale—I think is might be one of the German sock yarns—I like the soft muted colors—even though soft muted colors usually aren't my favorite. But I think these age good to go with washed out denim, and taupe, and some other colors that exist in my wardrobe.

Immediately—I started another pair (one on my Queue!)--Some beautiful home dyed yarn—They were started on September 21—by last week--Monday September 26th, they reached 25% done—about 4.5 inches. I tend to like the leg portion of my socks to be about 9 or so inches from bottom of the heel flap to cuff.

So now I am half done—flap is finished and the turn –now it is time to pick up stitches for the gusset and get them finished.

The yarn is Lion Brand Sock Ease—xx% wool/xx% nylon. The color way was marshmallow—but I dyed it to one of my favorite colorways—purple (several shades) and green—the green tend to a bluish teal in places. McCormick food coloring—but with a trick.

Many dyes work better (better color up take) with a mordant. Problem is, most mordants are toxic, and generally not safe at home. But there are some exceptions. I used mouth wash as a mordant. One of those “super healthy for your teeth”ones. These mouthwashes contain Stannish Floride—a salt made from tin (stannish), and florine—It is toxic--(no one should drink mouth wash, or toothpaste) but not so toxic (after all, I along with the rest of world, brush my teeth twice a day). So I first soaked the yarn in a blend of mouthwash and water—and then put the yarn in acidulated water, and added the food coloring.

The results, as you see are deep dark purples and deep dark greens. The purple “broke” and there are several different colors --- The green did, too, but not as much. I wanted clean color transitions—and as a result, I did have a narrow band of undyed yarn at places between the colors.

What I like best about this yarn is: It fails, to “spiral”--many space dyed yarns end up with a strong spiral pattern –which can be attractive—but it is not my favorite look. Somehow, I succeeded in created a color way that is mottled, with almost no pooling and no spiraling!

Sock aren't the only thing that I have been knitting. First a second copy of the Leaf Me Alone hat--(and a pattern 90% completed)—the pattern is complex—and it's a bear to write! I think it is easy to knit—the leaves increase, stabilize, then as one set decreases, a new set is established...(and then stabilized, and finally decreased—but all this increasing and decreasing means almost every row is different—there are a few repeated rows when the leaves are stabilized.—but.... It's a hat, and like all hats, a fast knit.

There is another hat-- for my new grand daughter too—a pretty little melon head hat. Notes on details on how this hat was knit also exist—it's a pretty simple pattern. I am not sure about writing it up—I am going to wait and see.

House keeping ate up a lot of my time as well—a small slow leak finally repaired, and the ceiling repaired too.
Repairing the ceiling mend taking everything--(except the fixtures!) out of the bath room—even the shower curtain rod!

Phase 2 (half done) is cleaning everything—and deciding what I want to keep--and what is being replaced. I have already tossed dozens of things. I have already replaced the shower curtain rod and put up a shower curtain (well a liner curtain) The Ugly black square is heat vent—I removed the cover, and I am striping it of layers of paint—It was a mess—paint drips painted over- and the paint glopped on. I will also clean the vent, too.--years and years of dust are collected. 5 layers of paint have already been removed—but there are still some layers to go. (I use hot water and vinegar to remove the paint—the process is slow, but safe)

Before I replace most everything else, I need the ceiling to be painted--(well actually, the whole bath room!) But for right now, getting a primer coat of paint on the ceiling above the shower is the next step. The walls and ceiling will turn a soft cream color (to match the wall tiles)--and eventually, all the painting will be done.

I have already tossed a bunch of stuff—but some wall mounted storage units will go up..and a bunch of hooks, too. I like to hang things like nail brushes and stuff-- this will help keep clutter of the small sink (lav basin for those of you who know plumbing). It will keep things handy, with out cluttering.

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