Saturday, January 28, 2017

Busy Week

When my granddaughters are sick—my life gets busier. Nothing seriously wrong—just the normal cold and congestion that plagues children and mothers—Monday was the doctors visit, and Daughter one was the sickest. She is now on the mend, but sisters 2 and 3 are under the weather. By yesterday my daughter needed some relief—Sick children often result in an overflowing of bodily fluids (from one end or the other)--Laundry (always a chore with 3 little ones) had grown to monumental proportions with what was really just a little cold and fever—nothing to worry about—but sick kids do make messes.

I am so happy to have a car (and be able to get to her place in half the time) but—this joy does cut into my knitting time. Visiting used to create 2 hours of bus (and knitting) time. Still I have made progress (as I should since I also took time off for myself to watch a movie—Hidden Figures (excellent!)

My Pretty in Pink sweater now has 1.5 repeats of the pattern completed + 2 more rows... Each row makes the over all (stitch) pattern clearer—and makes me happier with my choice of this stitch pattern.

I like how the lacy ladder at the center of the stitch pattern make a strong vertical statement that contrasts nicely with the horizontal nature of the garter stitch. The pattern is simple enough that I learned it before I finished the first repeat.

My secret project is coming along nicely too. Part A (2 pieces) are done and blocked, Part B (1 larger piece) is 1/3rd done. And its a little harder—since it involves working the stitch pattern in reverse, because I wanted to have the pattern balanced—starting at the center and working outward. It is a small detail—one of those persnickety details I tend to like. Part B is larger than the 2 pieces of Part A put together—so working half in reverse does slow me down a little.

And, there is always just the normal household stuff to do—I still haven't put away all of my holiday decorations. The displays have been disassembled and packed up, but not put away. And they have gotten me thinking about some changes I want to make. I haven't changed my basic layout of either my living room or bedroom since I settled on them 15 years ago when I moved here. I don't think there are major changes in the making...but I am thinking its time for some changes. My sofa is an Ikea model—I am thinking about changing the slip cover—a change of color to a major piece like the sofa will really change things up!

Today, I want to get some sewing done—and my own laundry done too. I'll sneak some knitting it, too!
Or at least I hope so.. I am not feeling too well myself right now.

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