Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Longer

Each and every day. The pattern (aside from the lacy ladder) is still hard to see, I really think blocking will help. Still one aspect of the pattern (and repeat) is clear-- the lacy ladder (which is surrounded by a garter stitch diamond--which is harder to see) this image has a filter to make the pattern clearer (it changes the color)  The over all design is clearer with each row. A relatively large vertical pattern.

I am using 2 balls of yarn, changing ever other row—and thankfully, it doesn't look 'striped'--which can sometime happen. I had sorted the skeins (hanks) as I made them into balls, noting that some of the skeins were significantly lighter than others—and worked the with the lightest skeins on the top and the work has been getting darker as it progresses..But this is about as dark as it gets (left image.) 

This yarn (Atacama by Araucanie Yarns) is imported from Chile, and is 100% alpaca, 'kettle dyed'--This kind of dying doesn't always have an even color (intentionally) It is not an even “space dye” but intentionally mottled. I bought the yarn when it was on sale (a clearance sale, as the store was discontinuing carrying the yarn.)  It is light--(DK weight) and very soft...But alpaca is very warm.

I bought out the stock, knowing there would not be any more coming. I also have a few skeins of this yarn in in an olive green and a blue—but just enough for perhaps a hat or scarf (the green I think is going to become fingerless gloves)—Not anywhere near enough to make a sweater or other garment--(Well, maybe a baby garment, but don't make baby garments out of hand washable luxury yarns—to much work for new mothers!)

This is my “at home project” since I think it is too big and bulky to carry around with me. I also have a small portable project –but lately that has been an at home project too—Now that I have a car, I don't spend as much time on buses or the subway—and my portable projects knitting time has been cut.

I actually have a few portable projects –a group of UFO's—a pair of socks, (for me) a pair of socks (for my SIL—but I haven't even cast on yet) a pair of fingerless gloves, (for me, too) Plus a semi secret project—for the spring/summer.

I have a queue of 20 projects –The Pretty in Pink sweater is on the queue—but the fingerless gloves and the semi secret project aren't! I guess I should review my queue!

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