Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saturday(s) Continues to be for Sewing

So the vest is nearing completion—It still needs buttonholes and buttons. My machine makes them automatically (don't you just love a feature like that?) All I have to do check/correct the size before I start. The matching skirt? The raw edges have been zigzagged to finish, and the pieces joined together (the Barrel is done!) Next the top and bottom edges—first the waistband, then the hem, and finally the hook and eye for the waist band. It won't get done today, and will likely be done in 2 separate mini sessions. 

Skirt & vest progress.
 My dress form, (a recycled one) is a small (6) sized Junior one—so the skirt and vest are pinned back to look smaller. But it is still a nice looking set already. You can see progress has been made.

Then, a pause for clean up—stacking up the bits and pieces of fabric that will become Iron on appliques for T shirts, and making some Bias tape to form into flowers (to make pin-on flowers to decorate baseball type hats, or even to pin onto sneakers) Not too many—anything too matchy-matchy is not the look I am going for! But sometimes a small touch is nice.

After that? Well the skirt length cuts have been washed and pre-shrunk—But before I worked on the solid colored skirts, there is the print skirt with the solid blue yoke/yelow/blue/shite print, to be done.. And there maybe another shirt dress or two—in solic colors for a change. The mental queue goes on then the pretty multicolored vest—And somewhere, soon in the next few weeks, 2 small dresses for the granddaughter—before I get started with the solid skirts... The pink will likely be the first one—It will be full summer by then—the other colors are season spanning.. but bubble gum pink is most definitely a summery color!

The dresses for the girls are going to done in stripes—white/grey/pink for one girl, white/grey/blue for the other....(there will be plenty left for me to make something for me, too. ) The blue stripe will be a good match for the blue vest—and the pink stripes will be a good match to the bubble gum pink solid –so some of that will be used to trim what ever I make from the blue stripes.

Did I mention I have 2 other pieces of grey (besides the length of dark grey for the skirt? One piece of very light grey, (enough for for a shirtdress), and another of medium grey.. One advantage of having favorite colors, is long term, it makes it easier to make mix and match separated.

I have been doing bits and pieces of sewing on days besides Saturday—and some bits and pieces of spring cleaning too—It's been a wet spring (which is a good thing) but yesterday, was sunny—and the sunshine made it very clear—Windows need Washing! And so do the window sills, and frames (I leave several windows open a crack all winter for some fresh air—the fresh air drags in lots of dirt, too!) and the curtains, and …. The list goes on, doesn't it? There is always more cleaning to do! And for me, more clutter to clear up--

But cleaning is always better when there is some creativity mixed in!

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