Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It is Beginning to Look

Like a party dress—Right now it needs a major pressing, and it still needs details (a small bow at the front collar) and sleeves, and hem and.

And it is just the first of two--(the next one to be blue--) The blue has the same embroidered trim down the front—and will have a blue lining, too, of course.

A ribbon sash will make the dress very dressy and party like—but as is, the dress is just girly--and will be, after the party just another dress for them to wear. Depending on the fit, (and the reception) I might make another set of dresses—Simpler, and more casual—a nice red, white and blue set. Their dad's family has an annual 4th of July event—and something patriot will be fun for a picnic party.

One red dress, one blue, trimmed with red, white and blue ribbon(I already have the ribbon) White collars, and star buttons (another detail already in my stash) and Voila! Holiday dresses.

I know Miss C will love it—She is the most grateful child—For her birthday, she received a present—as she unwrapped the gift paper, she found newspaper (as padding) She was so excited with newspaper, it took a while to convince her to remove it (and find a slate board and chalk!) Newspaper—Oh thank you, I am so happy!

She is in someways like me—a bit picky—and these dresses have all the details I liked in dresses, as a child. Long zippers for easy on and easy off, a pocket, open (not elastic gathered) sleeves (still to come). I also loved ribbons and lace and other pretty details. I have a habit of doing this—Making things I like (since I was picky, and liked lots of specific detail) thinking others will like or enjoy the same details I LIKED.

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