Monday, May 29, 2017

Saturday Sewing? Not for Me!

Which means there was Saturday sewing--well almost. No actual sewing, but lots of prepping. 2 dresses cut for my granddaughters. Next month the youngest granddaughter, Miss K, will have her first birthday—and a party. Her older (3.5 years old) sisters will have new party dresses for the occasion.

Miss J loves pink, and Miss C loves blue—so the color palette was set. They are fraternal (should that be sororital?) twins, and rarely are dressed in matching outfits—and while the dresses I am making are identical, they are in different colors; more matching, than identical outfits. In colors that will please them.

The dresses are simple—a lined bodice, a flare skirt, puffed sleeved with a solid white peter pan collar. There will be some decorative additions—and some bows. My sewing machine has lots of decorative stitches—a few will add some nice touches to an otherwise simple dress. There might even be LaVerne like J's and C's embroidered on the skirts.

They needed less than a yard of fabric, each (60 inch wide) —and it won't take long to sew them up. I'll finish the edges of the skirts, but the lined bodice will make a neat finish all on it own--Seams bothered me as child--(my mother often finished my dresses with french seams) as did overly fussy clothing.  I might buy some ribbons for the dresses--but I am not going to make fancy ties that are sewn in place. 

Right now all the pieces are cut, including the bodice lining and interfacing—Putting the pieces together won't take long. What is fun, is I bought this fabric, 2 pieces, before they were born—long before they established their color preferences... (I bought 5 yards of each—and I will make myself skirts and tops from the remaining fabric—I want to make a bias cut skirts--(which is why I bought the yardage I did) I think the stripes will make a pretty chevron—Maybe this year, maybe next—but for now, the fabric is for party dresses. Miss K's birthday isn't until mid June—so I have plenty of time, but I'll have them done in snap.

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