Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Real Cut Up

No sewing on Saturday, no sewing on Sunday. No sewing Monday either, but I have been pinning and cutting galore. The peasant top was cut last week.  Monday,  a matching skirt. In addition, I cut a grey skirt, with a matching print vest, (yellow/white/grey), and finally, another skirt. The last one in the nile green twill--so 3 skirts, one top, and one vest cut—I even got all the interfacing cut, too. The green skirt matches the print top—making a mix and match pair. It also matches a print T-shirt top that I have—and will go with many solid colored T's, too.

The grey skirt is the same pattern as the navy blue skirt, and the medium blue skirt (this same skirt has been made in a black poly twill, and chocolate brown, and several prints, as well) Do you get the idea that I really like this skirt? —The grey skirt isn't the last time i will use this pattern.  There will be several more skirts in this same pattern. Remember how I said I almost like uniforms? This skirt is one I make again and again. A basic piece of my uniform.

Because I use the same pattern over and over again, I have learned to re-enforce ones I really like. How I do that depends on what's available—The skirt  pattern was re-enforced by ironing on light weight. iron on interfacing. But I also use brown craft paper--(recycled from Amazon packages!) 
that is what I used for the basic vest, and the alterations to the pattern. I like the kind that has a shiny coating--(looks like a lightweight plastic) What ever the coating is, it irons on to the pattern tissue paper like a champ! Too bad its not the most common packing paper. The fold and tear brown craft paper is more common—and I use that too!

No dresses, or jumpers pinned or cut—but there is a good chance that there will be at least one pinned and cut before the end of the week.

The plan, now is to sew up as storm! First the print top, then the print skirt, followed by the nile green skirt ( don't have buttons to match this yet, so it might be postponed)   Finally, the grey skirt and matching vest. The print top and skirt is sort of planned as a pool outfit—easy on and easy off. City pools open this weekend-I need to be ready!

Here is some swatches with  pattern covers, to help you make sense  of what is what-Not shown, the print top pattern, and the nile green skirt pattern (a button down the front A line) 

This vest pattern fit nicely in neck and bust--but was to short (to my taste) and too plain.
Vest and skirt combo
I have altered it to make it longer, (4 inches longer!) and made it with both a V neck as well as the round neck shown, and also changed the hem to add shaping (points).  And of course, I have added pockets!  I've made over a half dozen different (but the same) vests from this pattern.. with many more to come! I love the way a vest finishes an outfit.  I knit vests, too, for the same reason.

my favorite skirt pattern--
This pattern has 4 views--a 4 gore swing skirt, an 6 gore A-line and an 8 gore skirt with shaping--beyond A line.  The 6 gore version is the pattern used for the newest grey, last  months navy, and April's medium blue set of skirt and vest.  I have been making this skirt for 4 + years and I haven't tired of it.  I plan to use this pattern at the end of the summer, again, when I make up some more skirts in darker (wintery colors..)  Easy to make, great fit, and classic style!
the ruffled print for the wrap skirt 

I like the idea of wrap skirts--but I don't always like to wear them.. they blow open, and well... I keep trying, hoping the next one will be better.  I am sort of making view A, with the ruffled front--but not the tie.  To me, the tie is just too much--looks like an outfit for a child!   I have previously made the simpler (no ruffle version) of this skirt--a few years ago, with the same purpose in mind--a quick wrap skirt on my way to or from the pool.

The nile green skirt is a basic A-Line, with a button front.  The pattern is ancient--I no longer have the envelop!

But, as you can see, the colors  look good together--so I can wear the peasants print top with matching skirt, or with the nile green skirt, or with the medium blue skirt--I don't think the blue vest (a tailored style) will go well with the ruffled skirt, but I can clearly match it nile green skirt for a two toned look--(a solid T in a blue or green or maybe even a white or black one  to marry the two colors!)

One change I have made to the 6 gore skirt is to use Nancy Z's trick of adding side seam pockets, and using them as a way to open the waist band of the skirt--I always want to add pockets anyway, and this method eliminates the side zipper (saving $ and time!)

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