Thursday, August 03, 2017

Final Project—for Now.

Along the lines of “the best laid plans of mice and men” Life interfered—I didn't post this yesterday, and I didn't have an hour to finish it..and I won't have the time today either... So it will be finished, and the mending done, when life settles down.

This is the last project—a quick little mu-mu dress. Not a tent like mu-mu, just a bit loose and simple.  It is not really finished—I want to add a bit of elastic at the back and two ties (to tie in front) but that will take less than hour. I already have the ties made, and the casing ready to go..

It's a pretty little thing to wear to the pool—the front has a zipper making it easy to step into, or out of. It has, of course 2 side seam pockets. The basis for this little dress is the top I made in the beginning of July,  which was also in blue—but a totally different print. With an added ruffled tier to lengthen it and some other small changes.    I also made a wider bias band for the neckline--(and I like it better than the narrow one!) But all in all simple, almost shapeless.. Easy to sew, easy to wear.

It will be a “better” house dress after the summer—good for wearing around the house, and even good enough to wear when doing laundry-- It is loose enough to admit a T-shirt underneath—so come the cold days of winter, with a long sleeved T worn under it, will make it suitable to wear then, too.

Nothing very special, cheap as they come (under $10 for the whole thing—including the zipper and elastic) but pretty enough.

While I should be putting my sewing machine away—I won't—Not quite yet. I still have 2 or 3 things that need a spot of mending... and I intend to get them done. But no big projects.. just a seam that has a broken thread repaired, and the like. If I just spend an hour a day, I will have all the final mending projects done in a week.

I have already done a whole lot of mending.. and cleaning up (2 “waste can” sized bags of scraps, and threads and wrappers from zippers, and card stock from buttons) –but there is more to do—Not sewing, but stuff to do in the sewing room—including some organizing.

Soon, I will have some photos of pillow cases (Part 1) finished, and pillow cases Part 2—ready to be started...

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