Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Some On Going Projects

Back in May, when I started my sewing spree, I spent some time in the evening knitting up a semi secret project—namely, yards and yards of knit cotton edging.. I finished sometime in June. Now finally, I am sewing the edging onto pillow cases and sheeting.

image of cream white sheet and knit edging
Pillow case and top sheet edged
One set of bed linens (or should I say cottons?) ended up with lace edging on the hem of the top sheet, as well as on the hems of the pillow cases. The other set, just has lace trim on the pillowcases. I love this kind of luxury touch--my DD thinks it is a total waste of time! She claims no one under the age of 60 would be interested. She might well be right.

I also made up 4 sets of “bonus” pillowcases—these will be embroidered—I like these nice little touches (well not the past few days when I have been engaged in attaching the lace to the hems!) even if they are out of style.  

Attaching the lace to the sheeting is slow and boring. Not helped by being a bit sick. Last week, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I helped out my DD—One, then other,  twin came down with a cold like virus. Both girls had mild fevers, were cranky, (headachy) and had upset stomachs--(which generated lots of laundry.) I provided some relief—mostly simple babysitting while my DD got laundry and other projects done.

I ended up exhausted—the NY area had a mild heat wave—with 90° temps, (not horrible, since at least 2 days had somewhat lower humidity) but it never cooled down—76° or warmer at night. So I didn't sleep well, and missed my afternoon naps. I tried to recover on Saturday—but by Sunday, it was clear to me, I had caught what ever it was the girls had.

I was so sick Sunday to Monday night—high fever, headaches, and muscle cramps...So sever, that I was uncomfortable all day Monday. I felt like I overdid it.. tender arms, and tender abdominals, too. I missed being sick to my stomach—but only because I hardly ate anything. I could complain more and provide more (TMI) —but I won't. I am over the worst of it –sleeping away most of Monday helped.

Feeling a bit better today, I am continuing to do bits and pieces of sewing too—all sort of hand stuff—replacing buttons, and stuff. I have all sorts of chores to do—laundry, shopping and the like..The laundry is all sorted and ready to go, the shopping lists (yes, plural) are ready to go too. Now I just need to get going! 

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