Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The End of the Month

The last Saturday of sewing—for a while, at least.

The skirt and vest
 The grey skirt is finished. I made a quick little summer dress too. It's not completely finished, but it will before the end of the month(Monday) That's enough for now. I have been busy sewing since May –3 months of making clothes! Some matching sets, and some coordinating sets, and some simple additions.

A trio of Tee's to match.
I have culled clothes that were old, worn, stained and really other wise unfit. My closet is neater, (and prettier) I still have plans for new hangers. 

 Before I moved into this apartment, I painted. The living room and dining room and entry were all professionally painted. At the same time, I bought some very cheap paints—Top quality paints that had been custom colored, and then returned to the store—to paint the closets. The color choices were close (but not perfect) matches—but the inside of the closets went from dry, cracked, dull and dirty white, to pretty.

My purple foyer has a huge walk in closet—Painted a periwinkle blue (more of the same was used in my bedroom closet) really changed it form drab to cheerful. Periwinkle is quite purple, it was a almost a pastel shade, and besides, the inside of a closet doesn't really have to match the room. The walk in Linen/utility closet in the Sunny yellow computer room end up with a marigold yellow interior--(and toffee brown shelves.) I only had a quart of the yellow—and another quart of the toffee brown. All the closets got spiffed up (patched and spackled) and with a new coat of paint, (and a  week to dry). While I was at it,   I polished all the closet poles with butchers wax—designed for hard wood floors. So when I moved in—I had cheerful pretty closets with slick, smooth poles, to hang my clothes in.

The finishing touch was, I bought a whole lot of hangers—all matching. OK, so the entry closet(coat and raincoats) got a mix matched set of left overs, but my clothes closets look nice and neat with all matching hangers.

Now, some 17 years later, those plastic hangers are breaking.  The heads snap off, the lower bar snaps—sometimes in two, (and can be temporally saved with some duct tape,) sometimes in 3—and the hanger is a goner. The same too with the skirt clips. many of those have broken, too.   My plan now is to head to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and to buy a box of 50 new hangers, and a few packs of skirt clip. and to once again have a neat looking organized closet. Everything will come out, the pole with get a new coat of wax and will be smooth again. The clothes I want, will be hung up, the clothes I have been on the fence about will be altered, (or chucked) and order will be totally restored!

There is no need to repaint, the 20 year old paint still looks good—But there will also be some better organization to the shelves as well as some new hooks for all the hanging stuff. A little corner of my world will be perfected--(at least for a little while.)

While I have decided to put sewing new projects on hold for a month (at least) I will end the month with getting a jumper dress and matching vest, cut and ready to go (and maybe, sneak in some sewing on some rainy day—if there are any.)

The Jumper will be a bright yellow denim—I don't intend to wear the vest with the jumper—it's just an extra one. I needed 3 yards for the jumper, and the bolt had 3.5 yards—A half yard isn't enough to make a vest (normally) but I have made this jumper before and know that I will have a lot of fabric left over. I need the LENGTH—no matter the width—and this denim is 60 inches wide, so I will have a good bit of left over fabric—the sides and even the back will be cut from this “waste”--So the vest will mostly be a bonus--especially since the extra half yard was discounted. . I love vests, and an extra one in a solid color will go with lots of things.

The final bit will be organizing the remaining fabrics and pairing them with patterns. I sort of plan to start sewing some more things come September—but there are quite a few other things already planned for the first 2 weeks in September, so I won't start in right away. I also want to invest in some better organization of my sewing stuff. I am determined to buy some spool racks and to put up some shelves and other organizing bits. Lots of plans.. Now I just have to implement them!

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