Monday, January 01, 2018

My Craft Room Sewing table

I haven't done much knitting or sewing since September—I have been reading instead.

And this past week, I have been fighting the flu—and working on a new (really new, not just a recycled new to me) sewing table... This is the first part of some planned improvements. The table came completed unassembled. The package came with a hundred or so screws and bolts and over a dozen pieces to put together. It was, I guess a four hour job—but working while not feeling well turned it into a 5 day job!

Part 1—replacing the old kitchen/dinette table with a proper sewing table DONE!

Here is my new sewing table (pristine ) The center insert can be easily lowered or raised to be use as a sewing table (as is) or with the center raised, a cutting or crafting table.

I am MOSTLY pleased with the table—The “drawers” are fabric and only supported at the edge—and almost useless, the are not strong enough to hold a pair of sewing shears—I plan to hang my shears—but. I think I have an idea that will work to improve the situation—I need something flat, thin and strong—(and cheap!) I think that I can cut slats to support the “drawers” from vertical blind slats. Slats will over more support to the bottom of the draws--(I might even use some crazy glue to make them sort of permanent. One great advantage of living in a multifamily building is the “Recycling” room is actually a great source of recycled material! I 'll keep an eye out, and hopefully find some soon.

Some features I do LIKE--
1—I have routed the machine cords UNDER the table with the use of some Velcro zip ties. Tidier to start. When the center is lowered (as it will be for sewing) the power cords are handy to plug in. When the center is raised, the power cord to the machine will be secure neatly under the table

2-- The flat surface make it possible to clamp on the work light. It holds a U shaped florescent bulb—It is not a OTT brand fixture, but I replaced the standard bulb with an OTT brand one—so it has great lighting. (the previous dinette type table had an apron and it wasn't possible to mount the light.)

3—The size and shape—the dinette table was oval, wider and shorter. This table fits up against the wall, with the leaf, is 60 inches long (vs 45) and 23 inches wide (vs 30) The rounded corners of the old table contributed to things falling off the edges—this is less likely to happen now. A better shape and size.

4--The ability to vary the height is great—It makes sewing easier –My sewing machine came with the extended bed and now this bed is at table level making a HUGE work surface. My machine can be packed away, and the center lifted, and I will have nice craft table for painting or beading or jewelry making (with great light!) That is the machine cover tucked under the table.

I like that the little plastic set of drawers fits below the left side extension, and that my little waste can fits under the drawers. on the right.

Part 2 (still to come—and soon) Will be be hanging some stuff. The cork/magnetic white board combo, and some spool racks, shears, and my yard (really a meter) stick will be the first things to be hung—all with 3M command hangers--Organizing the wall space will put my tools right where I need them. The extension cord/power strips will be mounted too There will be a floating shelf, too I tried to install it last summer, but I messed up. My walls (even the interior ones) are not plaster but cement—and hanging anything is a major PITA. These improvements won't take much time or effort—but I haven't decided on the exact placement for all these things—so it might take a week or two to get them done.

There are other improvements to come—I needs some bins for fabric storage—and other stuff-- But I am happy the table is put together and ready to be used! I might even repaint the entire room—I have a lot of work to do—but I am happy with this start.

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