Monday, March 05, 2018

I Have Got My Work Cut Out For Me

I planned to post this Sunday--but best laid plans and all.  More to follow.

Or more precisely, I have cut out my work for myself.

Remember last spring? When Saturday was for sewing? Week after week I worked on new additions to my wardrobe. A few skirts, a few dresses, and a dent made in my fabric stash. As the summer came to an end, so did my energy. Sewing came to a halt. Sure I did a little bit of mending here and there, but no real projects.

new sewing table
Then, this year I bought myself 2 gifts—A sewing (machine) table, and a cutting table. I ditched the old kitchen/dinette table (recycled!) that was a bit too high for sewing, and definitely too low for cutting (and besides which was oval shaped) The cutting table is a huge 36 X 60 opened and a compact 36 X 10 closed. I also added some bits and pieces, a thread rack, an ott light (I had this in storage) a bulletin board, too. Now everything is set up everything. The best addition are the two metal baskets that fit on the shelf of the cutting board—Perfect for holding patterns! My sewing room has needed these improvements for years—I still need to get some storage bins—and I plan to get a small shelf unit—the kind that holds cloth cubes—and use it to store some of my fabric stash. Since this photo was taken, I have mounted the power strips (out of sight) and hung the bulletin board, too.

3 skirts
This Saturday, I put the cutting table to use. 3 skirts, 3 vests, and a dress. All cut, including interfacing and linings (well one vest doesn't have a lining, but 2 do)

2 of the skirts, (purple and pink) are my “uniform” skirt, a 6 gore A line. The third, (plum) is a variation, 3 gores in front, with a center front button closure, (2 gores in back). There will be more of this variation, I think.

3 vests
The vests? One to match the purple skirt, one to match last years light grey skirt, (lining was cut, too!) and the third is a multi-color print—13 different colors—but really a few shades of pink, purple, and grey—So it will match lots of thing—the three skirts I've cut today for sure!

a soon to be dress
The dress is the uniform button down the front dress—this time, as a “man tailored” shirt dress, with a band collar, and shirt tail hem, and breast pocket detail-- just to add a bit of variation. There is more of this yellow, you can expect to see a skirt and vest combo, too, later in the season. I have several versions of this dress done in prints, this is my second version done in a solid. I have several more solid dresses planned; one in a navy/purple linen blend, another in a teal linen blend, plus a black one, in an even weave—which will be trimmed with red piping

I have several yellow hand knit scarves/shawls –but till now, no yellow clothing. I actually have an array of colors of hand knit scarf, and several “pashima” style shawls, in multi color prints—so some solid color clothes will show these off to good advantage. There are more solid dresses and skirt and vest sets planned. There are even more colors to add to the mix—sky blue, turquoise, more yellow, a rainbow of colors.

On deck, (as it were) is a piece of Prussian blue, to make into a skirt. This, like many of the pieces of fabric I buy, this was a remnant. How I wish it was bigger! I would truly love to have a vest and skirt pair—but I do have some white which will become a vest, since it is too small a piece to make a skirt. A white vest will go with so many solids, and prints, too. Right now my red vest is my must worn stand alone vest. I think a white vest will be almost as popular.

There will be some more jumpers & dresses, too. The kind that can be worn in the summer, as a dress, and with a shirt (long sleeved T type shirt), as a jumper in the winter. Some of these will be solids, and at least one, a print.
And I haven't even begun to work on the denim! I have a lot of denim skirts, some not too old, and 3 denim vests already, so there is no rush.

Once again, for the next few months, Saturday will once again for sewing.

With all these new clothes, I have been cleaning my closet of old, dingy and worn stuff, and have upgraded with new clothing hangers—all matching! No more hodge podge of styles and shapes and colors! I had been thinking about this, (many of my older plastic hanger had been breaking) and then Costco pushed me over the limit. Boxes of 35 hangers (the velvet flox kind) for $10 (30 of very similar one were over $20 at Bed, Bath and Beyond) 125 hangers later, my closet looks better! I did end up buying a bunch of skirt clips at B, B & B, since Costco didn't have these handy accessories.

I painted all my closets when I moved here (almost 20 years ago now!) with good quality paints, and they still look pretty fresh (before painting the white paint (a flat) was a dingy grey—I used a semi gloss and it has held up well. The paints (several different ones) were cheap—Custom colors that had be returned to big box home improvement stores—My bright pure yellow 'computer room” has a marigold yellow closet, (with toffy brown shelves) Other closets are periwinkle blue (a sort of blue violet color) with true blue shelves, that don't exactly match the colors of the bedroom (more of blue green color) or the entryway (a better match to the deep violet)--It was one of those good pieces of advice I picked up—Paint your closets before you move in! I am so happy I did!

I spent most of the last 6 months reading,. First Ron Chernow's HAMILTON, and then I started on GRANT (which I haven't finished yet) I highly recommend both.

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